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Pay it Forward
A year or two ago, I suffered from a devastating server crash. The little “heads” that read data off the hard drive crashed into the driv itself, and as we rebooted the computer, trying to get it working again, they scratched the hard drive so badly that when we sent it to try to get it repaired we learned  they had scraped the drive straight through.
My site was dead, my backups weren’t working, an entire year of my work had been lost and I was devastated. A bunch of generous souls chipped in an amazing $4000 to my server fund to try to bring things back.
Now that I’m back on my feet, I’d like tor eturn the favor by donating $4000 to websites in trouble. (Indeed, I’ve been planning this for a while and have already donated some to sites when I heard they were having fundraising drives.) 
So here’s this week’s Sunday Bonus Post: suggest a site that deserves a donation. Here are the rules:
The site must publish content or provide a service on the Internet.
The site must have a donate button or some other explicit request for donations.
You must genuinely like the site.
If you want to nominate a site that meets these criteria, post it here in a comment. I’ll try to make most of the donations by next week.
Thanksgiving update:PayPal locked out my account for “security reasons” so it’s taken me a while to get to this, but Thanksgiving Day seems like as appropriate a time as any.
I’m still looking for more recipients, so feel free to suggest some.
You should follow me on twitterhere.
November  5, 2006